White Granite Countertops

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White granite kitchen countertops embody refinement and elegance. Color-wise they offer the most compatibility and look stylish on top of almost any kitchen cupboard color. While it's impossible to purchase “pure” white slabs, their flecks and irregular markings add to their unique character. They come in various shades, making it easy to find a stone that suits your design preferences.

#1. Andromeda White Granite
Origin: Sri Lanka
Price: $55 / square foot

Andromeda White Granite CountertopAndromeda White granite provides an ultra-modern look, offering a subtle variation from pure white countertops. This speckled white and beige stone has gray veins, as well as small streaks and black grain throughout. It's effortlessly dynamic and suits traditional and modern kitchens.

It's used for mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and of course, kitchen countertops. Furthermore, it's the preferred stone for bakers and food content creators as its light surface contrast with darker colors. The mid-level variation present within the stone provides texture and character to all-white kitchens without detracting from neutral design palettes.

#2. Colonial White Granite
Origin: India
Price: $45 / square foot

This off-white granite has brown and rose-colored flakes, with smokey gray patches accented by dark black speckles. Many have commented its markings look similar to the patterns found in cookies and cream ice cream. The granules in Colonial White granite are generally less than 0.5 centimeters, providing relatively even subtle and even patterning.

As a vanilla-colored stone, it works well with dark and light kitchens. In light spaces, it creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere and complements darker spaces. It's an attractive option if you're a fan of white countertops with light wooden cabinets but prefer something warmer than cold, white tones.

#3. Alaska White Granite Countertops
Origin: Brazil and India
Price: $49 / square foot

Alaska White granite contains denser amounts of Onyx dispersed throughout the stone than Colonial and Andromeda White granite, making it the most dramatic of the three white granite varieties. These gray patches vary in color and size and compose between 40-50 of the stone's mass.

Its uneven patterns of white and silver with large swirls of gray and black gives it a modern, eclectic feel. This cool, icy granite works well with white, black, blue, brown, and gray cabinets. Its pale silver and frosty whites are underscored by less uniform tints of brown, varying from light to dark.

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