Black Granite Colors for Sharp and Chic Look

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Black granites is actually gabbro rock, an igneous stone similar to basalt. It primarily contains plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. There are also amphibole and olivine minerals. However, black rocks have the same hardness and durability as all other granitic stones. When you find a black granite countertop that you like, its origin is most likely diabase, basalt, gabbro, norite, diorite, or anorthosite.

Black granite countertops present an excellent choice for everyone who likes solid colors and strong contrasts. Although some might say that black is a dramatic choice, it doesn't have to be that way. It all depends on the combinations you choose to make in your kitchen. Black countertop can be combined with white or any other kitchen cabinets with a light color. However, you can choose to go deep and dark, too. Another choice is to give your neutral gray cabinets an interest and an edge using black granite.

These endless options show just how much black granite countertops are versatile. Whether you like misty, cool and crisp, or starry-eyed look, there are types of granite in black color that will give you just what you want. Sparkles and flecks of gold, silver, green, and gray will perfectly balance the light and dark and give your kitchen a unique, polished, and edgy look.

If you wish to explore black granite countertops further, take a look at Black Galaxy Granite, Black Pearl Granite, and Uba Tuba Granite.

Black Galaxy Granite
Black Galaxy granite is an overall black granite stone with small white and gold specks. These specks can range in size from really small to large, easily noticeable pieces that will add additional drama. Tiny drops of gold and white will make Black Galaxy Granite radiate from within and create a luxurious atmosphere in your kitchen. High moisture resistance, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance are main characteristics of this beautiful stone.

Black Pearl Granite
If you are looking for a black granite countertop that is deep and versatile, check out Black Pearl Granite. Like all black granites, its general appearance is dark. However, the look of Black Pearl Granite provides intrigue and additional interest. A semi-solid black color features tiny flecks and speckles of shiny silver, gold, green, brown, and gray shades. You can use it for your indoor or outdoor kitchen and enjoy its ease of maintenance.

Uba Tuba Granite Countertops
Uba Tuba Granite originates from Brazil. This deep black granite kitchen top features fine but shiny specs of green, gray, and gold shades. These various shades are multiple and they give Uba Tuba countertops a shimmering effect. If you need a statement piece in your kitchen that you can count on no matter the conditions or the number of years that will go by, take a look at Uba Tuba granite countertop.

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