Marble Fireplaces

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Even run-of-theCmill fireplaces make home a more pleasant place to return to, and there are many good wood, gas and electric varieties on the market today. However, nothing can compare to the rustic splendor of a marble fireplace. It lends class to a homes living room or bedroom like nothing else.

There are various styles available, many reflecting a certain historic period, including English and French Renaissance, Tudor and contemporary. The arched and baroque styles seem to be amongst the all-time favorites. But basically any fireplace artistically fashioned in marble is an instant attention-grabber that lends character to ones home. The most spectacular are custom-carved by professionals, often out of single blocks of marble.

Installing a marble fireplace requires a firm foundation because of the heaviness of the stones involved. A homeowner will therefore have to consult an architect before proceeding.

Although fireplaces have decorative appeal, there are several drawbacks to installing working fireplaces. In the first place, fireplaces are far from the most efficient and economic ways of keeping a home warm in winter. Secondly, building fires can be hazardous to the clueless. In America, there are approximately 22,500 chimney fires that cause more than 50 fatalities each year. The Chimney Safety Institute of America requires all chimneys and fireplaces in active use to be cleaned by a certified professional.

If you decide to go ahead with using your marble fireplace for actual fire-making, all the precautions for safe use at home apply. A fire extinguisher should be kept handy at all times (never use water to douse an accidental blaze). An appropriate fuel medium should be used, and smoke detectors installed.

It must be remembered that working marble fireplaces require regular cleaning to prevent the marble from staining permanently.

Whether you are looking for a purely decorative or fully functioning marble fireplace, you should be able to find exactly what you want from the wide choice available today.

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