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In 2011, our country adjust the stones export tax once again, part of thes that the adjustment of export tax began to perform the new 5% new the export tax rebate rate from July 1, 2011, by 8%. In the first half of the export from Fujian province, the stone export which involving the reduction of the export tax rebate is 251.9%, an increase of 91.9%. It accounted for 60.5% of the Fujian stone export, which has a wide infection. Stone industry promotes the upgrading of industrial, it would therefore increase the inherent competence. Thus, there are some advice for you:

1. The relevant departments should make the new industry standards as soon as possible. Improve the market access of export enterprises. When greatly promote the upgrading of industrial, support and encourage the stone material enterprise to go with the sustainable development with pooling, industrial and professional.

2. The government should strengthen the unified planning and allocation of resources for the stone mining, rectify and clean the enterprise which raid the market, regulate the order of stone production and business operation. Establish the uniform and basic price for stone material, determine the floating rate, avoid the unfair competition with low-priced.

3. The industry association should be timely tracking and feedback the changes and price trend of international market, which fully play the guiding role of the service industry, leading the healthy and stable development of the industry, as far as possible to avoid by anti-dumping investigation. Once be investigated, the association should organize the related enterprise fight for the maximum benefit.

4. Stone enterprises should follow the adjustment trend of national policy, change the dependence of price advantage, engaging in the deep processing products, like stone carving, etc. Improve the technology content and added value of the products, create our own brand, and promote industrial upgrading.

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